How to make an Image Carousel

How can I create a rotating image Carousel on my app say for ADS?

I recently tried using a .gif file with the image component. It worked pretty well. So that may be an option.

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Glide can do this. Just create a column for the number of images you want to have in the carousel in the sheet.

i.e. Name your columns “Image 1”, “Image 2”, “Image 3”
Glide will create a special column, sort of like a relation, and if you set that column as the source for an image component, it will act as a carousel. There’s a video out there somewhere. When I find it, I’ll link to it.

Found it.


Doesn’t that require the person to swipe to change the images? I want an automatic carousel… @mmgt2005 the gif idea might be the way to go

Hi Chris did you get your carousel working automatically, I’m looking at doing the same thing?

This is just a thought, but you could create an inline list of ads in a horizontal tile layout. Then apply the randomize sort order. I don’t think you can limit the number of items in a list, so I can’t limit it to just one list item and a user could still scroll through all of the ads, but that may not be the worst thing. I don’t know what triggers the random sort order to change, but it seems to at least change whenever you reload the app.

I modified the Random/Advertising Links demo in to show what I’m thinking.