My columns won't change from Rich Text to Text

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Hi, newbie here…

When I start this app and connect to my sheet, 3 columns are “Rich Text”. I’ve changed them just to “Text” in the data tab, but when I go to work with them in the Layout tab, they’re still labeled as Rich Text.

When the app operates I’m not able to see the column header and the properties in the text are different.

What can I do to make these columns behave like regular Text columns?

Thank you!

You can delete those rich text components, add new text components and point them to the right columns in your data.

Any text can be displayed in a rich text or a text component, rich text just offers more styles (and also our secret door to HTML/CSS).

Not sure what qualifies a column to be a rich text by Glide’s best guess algorithm, probably it has 2 or more paragraphs.

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Thank you for your response. I believe I got to the same conclusion. Thanks for the tip on how it’s calculating Rich Text, I’ll look into that.

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