Why is it impossible to save any data in a column of type "Rich Text"?

The chat bot’s answer to that question is:
“Rich Text columns are not designed to store data, but rather to display data as styled content. If you need to store data, you should use a different column type such as Text, Number, or Boolean.”

But that doesn’t make any sense.

So, the question is once again:
Suppose I create a new column in a Glide table
and set the column type to “Rich Text”,
why is it impossible to save anything in there?
(i.e. when I manually enter something into a cell in that column)
Is this a bug or something?

I can enter the content but clicking the little checkmark isn’t saving anything.

Is there a reason you need the column type to be “Rich Text” though? I assume you can use a normal text component and use a rich text component to display that on the front end.

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Of course, there’s a reason. I want to use HTML line breaks <br>.
I mean, doesn’t have to be HTML.
Just the ability the add a line break is what I need.

You can use a text column with <br> and then display it with a rich text component on the front end.

Not possible with the Title component.

I agree with Thinh. I would use a basic text column, and use either a text component or rich text component in the layout editor.

Here would be the difference for the same basic text column:

  1. I’m using the Title component.
  2. The Title component does NOT have any ability to display rich tech on the front end.
  3. Therefore, I need to use a field of type Rich Text to add a line break.

Now, back to the original question.
Can anyone answer that?

Why does the field type of Rich Text exist in the first place if it’s impossible to use?
Is it just broken at the moment or what’s the deal?

The Title component won’t take your HTML tags into consideration when rendering. The only place that HTML/inline CSS would be considered is the rich text component.

“Rich text” as a column type has never gone anything more than “text”, if I recall right.

Why does the field type of Rich Text exist in the Glide tables?
Is that for “decoration” only?

The column of type “Rich Text” won’t save anything.
Not normal text, not formatted text, nothing at all.
Why does it even exist if it doesn’t save anything???

I’ve actually never used the basic rich text column so I know little about it.

It seems that you can use a text entry component to write to a rich text column and that writing to the column manually in the data editor doesn’t work (which you obviously noticed). I don’t know if this is voluntary or a bug.

Maybe you could try submitting simple text or formatted text via a text entry component to the rich text column and see if you have better luck that way.

It has been there since the first day I’m on this platform and I have never used it.

I can confirm this, but if you use a text entry on an edit screen then it does save. It’s a bug.


Maybe you can’t write/save data into a “Rich Text” column manually but using a “Set Column Values” action, it is possible and works fine.



As was explained in your thread from a couple weeks ago, even if you could enter data into a rich text column, you will NOT get the effect you are hoping for. A Title component will display the raw HTML no matter what, regardless if the data is in a basic text column or a rich text column. The ONLY component that will render your own HTML is a rich text component. Period. Even when the rich text column was allowing you to enter data in the past, this was still the case. In my opinion, the rich text column is nothing more than a glorified basic text column and mostly a pointless relic from the early days of Glide. The only difference is that markdown and maybe HTML is rendered in the table in the data editor, which doesn’t mean anything as far as the front end of the app is concerned…unless you use a rich text component, which is the ONLY component that will render custom markdown and HTML.

If you want line breaks in the title component, then you can try normal carriage returns instead of HTML (in the past, two spaces plus a carriage return has worked for some things), but I’m not sure off the top of my head if the Title component itself will allow text wrapping. Otherwise, your only option is to build out full HTML to make your own custom Title component to look the way you want it to.

Yes, there is a bug with the rich text column, but getting that fixed will not give you the results you are expecting. That has, and will, always be the case.


I was able to reproduce it. If you enter data in a cell of a Rich Text column and select the small checkbox in the corner the data does not save. The workaround until we fix this is to use your mouse and select a different cell. The data will then save.


Is it solved please ?

If you are asking about the bug where the data will not save if you check the checkbox, it has not been solved and is still on the bug backlog list.