Glide Tables: issue with columns using rich text type

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a bit of an issue with the Glide Tables that I can’t seem to resolve. Within one of my tables I’m using the Rich Text column type. I’ve used this column for keeping track of emails and telephone numbers and it has worked great for my previous two rows but when I insert a new row, fill in the email and telephone numbers and press the little checkmark to save these they just disappear. This happens no matter what I fill in yet in the other two rows it works just fine. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? (If possible I would like to keep these columns as they are right no)

(I’ve tried some basic things like removing and creating a new row, reloading the app, …)

Whoops I’ve found a simpel solution (of course you find that shortly after posting the question but I’ll leave the post for if someone else runs into the same problem).

What I found is that you can edit the column type to be a normal text, type out the whatever it is you need and then edit the type to be a rich text again. This seemed to work for me.

Any particular reason why you need the column to be a Rich Text type?
A normal text column should work just as well.

I’ve used the Rich Text type so that if you press on the “link” in the app it will either automatically open your mail app on your phone with the correct email adress already filled in as the receiver or open your contacts app on your phone with the correct phone number already filled in.

When you say “link”, do you mean the Link component in Classic Apps?
It should work the same way whether the underlying column is text or rich text.

It might be a little bit easier to just show, I’m talking about these:

Though indeed it does not seem to matter what kind of text you choose so I’ll be changing those around. Thanks for the advice and help :smiley:

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