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I am starting to use pages to create a new App, and I suppose I’m trying to use it a bit like Wordpress for this particular non-profit project.
I have a Rich Text component inside a container, and I’ve so far been entering the info in the “text” field.

But it occurred to me that it would be nice to store that stuff in rows inside the data table to make it more manageable and easier to change – especially as I add more “menu” items.

But when I try to cut-and paste from the “text” element into a Glide table, the existing ‘CRLF’ makes it go across several rows of data. Is there any way to paste that into just a single column in a single row, or am I going about this process all wrong?

The existing web site was built with Wordpress, and I know nothing about Wordpress. So I was tasked with building this as an App that would look good on full screen or a handheld.

Thanks for any advice.

Click twice on the cell to open it up as if you were going to type into it. Then paste.

Thank you, sir.

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So after I set up the data like this, how can I tell the rich text component which row to use?

Or would I just have a different column for each component instead of a different row?

It’s just like anything else in glide, with the exception of collections and similar components…whichever row the screen is attached to, is the row that it will pull data from. If the screen is only ever attached to the first row, then it makes sense to have everything in columns instead of rows.

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Thanks, I think I am going to have to rethink this. The column editor in Glide, once you paste it in, is no way to maintain the data. I’m going to have to maintain it in a markup editor and paste it into separate columns, as you said. Good thing I purchased one!

Well, you can still edit the column data in the data editor, but you won’t see what it looks like until you view the front end of the app. Or, what I have done is build a front end into my app with text entry components to edit the markdown, and a rich text component to preview it on the the same screen. With New Apps, you could easily create a two column container with the text entry on the left and the rich text on the right, and edit in real time, just like any other online markdown editor.

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Great idea. And that page would only be visible to the admins. What I meant that the data editor itself is not possible of doing it without me putting components on another page to do it like you just suggested.

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There is a Rich text column type which I think would let you preview the formatted text, but it was broken awhile back and I’m not sure if it was ever fixed. I prefer the text type column anyway.

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