Access Data in App environment (Copy and paste)

I want that part of my users have access to a dashboard where they can access data that is in a sheet, like in a table format.

I want that this data is easily accessible in App environment and copied to other places.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Basic Table element doesn’t allow copy and paste in desktop environment.

I haven’t actually tried this, but I believe it would work:

  • Create a template column that includes all the information you want to make available
  • Present this on the screen in a Rich Text component
  • Add a Floating Button to the screen
  • For the action on that component, use ‘Copy to Clipboard’, and set your Rich Text Component as the target
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Hey @Darren_Murphy thanks for your help!

This works although with some limitations.

If there is some data (vg various columns) data may seem unorganised. Additionally, it would only work for one row of data.

I think this is a starting point but doesn’t achieve what i am looking for completely

Take a look here:

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Besides that, I’d like to use it in-app

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Thanks! What i am looking would be exactly this but in app.
Could alternatively be in a site but i would prefer to use it in app

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You could try building a dynamic html table with template columns to get a table laid out how you want it, then display it in a rich text component. Not sure how well the data would copy to other programs, and it won’t let you edit anything, but might work for basic table style layouts.

This is what I do in my app