Copy displayed info view-only version?

Is it possible for users to copy displayed info on a view-only version of an app. some of our users would like to copy some of the info to paste in say a notes app or email or any app outside of glide app.

You can create a button with the action “Copy to Clipboard”, then point it to the column that contains the text you want to copy.

Thanks, that’s a good Idea! but only works when you know what info a particular user wants/needs to copy, and we have a huge amount of data inputted by supper users. I suspect that we are probably pushing past the intended use of Glide apps with our App :))

Yeah, I’m not sure why copying is a limitation on the app, but the button is about the only way to copy without opening up the field for edit.

@Dcoo Im here due to the fact people can enter data for us easily now. I think after some iterations and updates, some good use of google sheets we will be fine :stuck_out_tongue: bring on the huge data!

Cant you have users first select the columns they want to copy from a drop down list of choices then have them submit the form, this would populate a cell in your sheet (A4), then you can have another cell A5,that = A4 (the cell with the user requested column data), present cell A5 to the user and they will get their data. When the user populates the “request info” form again it should overwrite the last entry. ( if not then you can do some google sheet wizardry to only store the last entry on the sheet.

I cant think of a away of doing it without the user pre submitting a form though.