Allow the input field only on the phone. Not on the sheet

I would like to know if it is possible to set up on glideapp the possibility to enter data as a user of the application without this information being stored on the sheet file and remaining on the phone?
My example : I am a PE teacher and I want my students to be able to enter their running time for each session but I don’t want to have all these information on my sheet. I want them to be able to consult their results only on their phone.
Is this possible?
Thank you

Have you tried making the column where that info will reside a user-specific column?

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Santiago’s suggestion should work, and the upcoming Glide Sheets will solve this as well.

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Can you elaborate on your idea? I don’t really understand the proposed solution.
I would like to have no information about the sheet file. I have more than 90 students in 10 sessions, it would be too much data.

Sorry if I don’t express myself correctly, I am French.
Thank you for your help.

Sure! No worries. In the Data Editor, create a new column. This column is going to be “User Specific”

The in the app builder look for the component that you are using to collect that info and attach it to that column.

Let me make a video to explain better.

I’ll be back.

Here’s a video.

Thank you for the details.
I will test this.