When a user enters data in a user-specific column, it is not transferring to the spreadsheet

Hello, we are building a time sheet app in which students must describe the nature of the work completed during their shift. I have created a user-specific column in order for them to enter this information. However, when students enter the information, I am not able to see it on my side, in other words, their data does not get entered into the respective column on the spreadsheet.

If it helps, we are working from a template which is connected to a google spreadsheet that we do not have access to. Is this what is impacting our struggle, and if so, is there any work-around for this?

Are you not seeing that user specific data in the google sheet or in the glide data editor? User specific columns will never be located in a google sheet. They are controlled internally within glide. If you are trying to view the data in the glide data editor, are you previewing the app as the student that entered the information?

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If I view as an admin, I still am not able to see the information entered by the student. Admins can view and edit the same user-specific column as their students, so how can I make it that it only displays this information for the admin, so that he cannot interfere with it?

User specific columns will only store values specific to the user who was signed in. Even though you are an admin, and may have access to the row, doesn’t mean that you will see the data. The only way to see what another user typed into a user specific column is to preview as that user. What that means is that the student can enter a value into that column and you as the admin can also enter a value into that column. Each of you will see your own value that you entered. A user specific column allows for a single cell to hold multiple values from multiple users. It does not allow multiple users (such as a student and admin) to view the same value at the same time.

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