Allow User to Copy and Paste Items

It would be great if there was a way to copy and paste an item, for example, shopping apps, listings, marketplaces e.g. let’s take a real estate app as an example, where user can add a new home, then copy that entry and paste it keeping all the same info, then can go in and edit just a few different items like address, appliances, etc

This would help the user not to have to enter the same info for every item that has very similar features

I just added something like this in my app. I have advanced students and basic students. Sometimes a basic student will move up to the advanced level. In the edit details screen of my app, I added a form button which takes all of the column values in the basic student sheet and writes them to the advanced student sheet. Basically a copy/paste. You could do the same thing within the same sheet.


Interesting I’ll have to play around with that. so basically the form button lives inside the form once user clicks ‘edit’

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It’s not a form within a form. Just a single form on the edit screen of an existing student. I could have, but didn’t want to display it on the student detail view screen, so I hid it in the edit screen.

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@Izzy It seems like a nice feature request if it’s not already there. That way you can add an unprocessed item to @JackVaughan’s hidden tab.

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You could also use a form possibly where the user would select from a list the item they want to duplicate and then just click the duplicate button. In the background you would use use the columns components to auto submit a new entry duplicating the selected row.


Could you explain more how. Right now my challenge is to duplicate a card which has datas on it.

click on the list item (card) to view it’s details. Then add a form button. Inside the form you can add column value components which will grab details from the row were on when you clicked on the form button. Set the column value components to write to the correct columns in the same sheet.

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Thank you so much. You are Amazing.

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