Duplicate a Row in Glide Table

Hello Team
Trying to duplicate a row in a glideapp table. I built my app using glide app tables and I would like to duplicate the full row.

I can do it today but I need to copy and paste cell by cell in the table and it does not copy images.

Please advice how to do it,

thank you in advance



You can use an add row action pointing to the same table and add all contents of the row you’re viewing.

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As always thank you Thinh for always offering to help. I am a little green still on glideapps, can you give me a little more specifics how to do that? thank you so much. Keep in mind that I want to add it on the table. The reasoning is that as you remember I created a table with users that I add their email address and based on their email they see different things in the app. So I have a list of emails on a column (property information) so now I am adding new users (new emails), I dont want to copy and paste each cell for the new user. I would like to copy and past the whole row in the table.

many thanks!!



You would want to add a button in the details view of the row you’re viewing in the Users table.

Then the action is add row, pointing to the Users table, writing all columns of the current Users row to the new row.

thank you Thinh please see the image attached that may show a little better my explanation, thanks
Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 9.18.29 PM

Just a little more info, the way I designed the app is that every time a new user would like to use the app I add a new email on the column. the problem that I encounter an user that would like to access the same information, I do not want to copy and paste every column each time that I need to add a user

Do you copy those columns from the same row every time, or would it be from different rows?

from the same row every time. essentially the first row is property a, second row is property b, etc. what happens I that I have renters that they rent the same property (a) at a different time (one renter rents June, the next one July). I could keep replacing the first row with a different email and leave it like that. true? many thanks

I think an easier flow is use the duplicate method I proposed above, then changed the email and the name only. Would it work?

thank you Thinh but doing it that way then the end user will also have access to add a row right? I would like to add the new user as an Admin on the tables. Makes sense? you are saying to go into the screen view and add a button that will add a new row into the table correct? but then the last end user will be able to see the button and press into it.

You can control visibility of the button depending on who is seeing it

thank you Uzo for the reply. So what you are saying is that I will create a button that will only be seen by the Admin. I will use that button to copy the same row on the table. Then I will go back to the table and add a new user email address. If that is what you are saying that probably will work, I will test it now.

I was playing around with another concept, would like to get you guys thoughts… what about I export the existing glide table. Then I import into google sheets. Next I create a new app in glide apps and I use the just copied google sheet. I tried it and it is a little dirty the sheet, it has a lot of index info etc, but what are your thoughts about that? thank you in advance


Hello Thinh and Uzo, I want to thank you because I think you were both right.
So I went ahead and added a button to do a “add a row” and it did add the same row in the table with all the data. Yes!!!
Because I do not know how to do an invisible button, I just went ahead and deleted the button but the row stayed on the table.
that is fine by me. I just add a button, add a row, and then delete the button and I am done.

That woks for me!!!

So thank you and thank you both. I think I have a solution !! not super clean but it is not that much work for me to add a button and delete it.

all the best


As Uzo said, you can add an Admin boolean column in your users table. Only allow them to see the button when signed-in user’s “Admin” column is true.

that is the way! good point Thinh. I forgot about the boolean. I will try that next.

thank you for taking the time to help!! you are always very nice about it.



but, if only user name (or email) is deferent and rest of the columns are the same… you can just use “single value” columns in users sheet to copy down template columns… this way you dont need to add rows and use button… it will copy values automatically when new user is added

thank you Uzo for the advice. That seems like a really good idea. I tried it but I run into the issue that “single value” only allows you the following options

So I can only copy 4 columns types and then I need to do them one at the time too. But essentially it only works with the first 4 columns, even in random mode.
let me know if I am doing something wrong,

many thanks

You need to create a sheet where you store values that don’t change and keep them in the first row, than using a single value colums … mark first… copy it to the sheet you are working on

Wouldn’t a better situation be to create a separate table for these properties, and then just relate back to them? Duplicating all the property data makes redundancies.

The only advantage I see of adding in the fixed property details for each row of users is that you have a reference of what the details were for that user at that time, and it won’t change if you change the property table.

He wants to copy same data for all users