Rich text colummn

Good day everyone, I’m just curious what the rich text column does and how one can use it. I was hoping I could get text in that column to get special font features for example bold, then pick the column when adding a name to a button so that it has bold font

The Rich Text column is nothing more than a text column.
I never use the rich text (markdown) column specifically, but instead use a rich text component either pointing to any type of column, or using a custom value to manually type in what I need. The simple and supported use for Rich text component is to inject text or markdown on the screen. Many of us will also inject HTML or CSS, but those uses are at your own risk.

In your case, I don’t think you’re going to have much luck with a button. A button only accepts basic text. You can’t format the text in a button. Markdown, HTML, or CSS will only be rendered in a Rich Text component. However, you can assign actions to a Rich Text component, so you could design what looks like a button in a rich text component, then have the action do whatever you would have a button do.


The only benefit of using the markdown column is viewing a preview of the end result within the data editor if using markdown or HTML within the text.


Thank you