Is the field type of Rich Text broken?

It’s impossible to enter anything into a field type of “Rich Text”.
I mean, it’s possible to enter, but nothing is being saved.

I’m just trying to enter a text that would be used as a multi-line template.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I think it’s not working correctly, but you can just switch it to a text type column instead, and it should work fine.

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I DON’T want to “just switch to text type”.
If I wanted to do that, I probably would have done that in the first place, no?
I was saying something about MULTI-LINE.
Did you miss that part?

There is nothing stopping you from adding multi-line strings to a text type column, including HTML tags.

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Adding the <br> tag was the first thing I tried.
It’s being shown as <br> text i.e. it’s being ignored as HTML tag.
This is true for the title component.
Both in the title and the details field.

Yes, that’s correct.
Rich Text (including HTML tags) is only supported when used in a Rich Text component.
Actually, HTML tags aren’t officially supported at all - but they work.
If you want to modify the appearance of other components, then you need to get into CSS, which isn’t supported at all on Apps, and only supported for Business & Enterprise plans on Pages.

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So, how did you produce the result in your screenshot?
I cannot replicate that in any text field. I won’t let me do any line breaks.
It’s not possible for me to enter a line break in a text field.

I used a Rich Text component. This is the only component that supports it.

In this 3-year-old video (linked from the info icon when trying to add a template field) starting from 2:03 it shows exactly what I want to do i.e. add a MULTI-LINE template field. Why is that option (shown in the video) not available to use in the app?

Yes, you can still do that with a template column.
But if you want to include HTML tags or markdown text, then you need to display it using a Rich Text component.

While I can confirm that the Rich Text component does make the HTML <br> work the way it’s supposed to, that’s NOT where I need it.

I need the field type of Rich Text to work (so I can enter line breaks for the title and the details fields in the title component).

A 4-months-old Youtube comment on the above video says:
“Seriously, we need the ability to add line breaks into the column templates.”
I guess I’m not alone with this issue
and Glide seems to ignore the problem?

I’m not 100% certain of this, but I suspect that even if there wasn’t this current issue with the Rich Text Column, it still wouldn’t work the way you’re expecting it to work. This is because the Title component does not support Rich Text.

That said, it wouldn’t be too difficult to emulate the Title component with a bit of HTML in a Rich Text component.


Now that got me curious.
How would you do that without CSS?
I mean, the title component has a background image plus text overlay.

Define a HTML table with zero width borders in a template column, and use dynamic replacements to add your image and text.

I’m away from my computer at the moment, so I can’t give you an example. But it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you actually need the text overlaid on the image, then that’s a bit trickier. Still possible with something like Cloudinary, but perhaps not worth the effort.

Right. Tables.
I guess it’s back to breaking our legs with HTML tables
like we did in the early 2000s.