How to structure text

My app has a news section. Editors are supposed to submit news via a form. I used separate entry text fields for Headline and Main Text (Details). It works fine, however, some of theses articles in the Details column are quite long and it’s pretty hard to read them on a mobile phone without any paragraphs. How can I structure my text?

A rich text component is usually better at displaying lengthy text like that and it most cases, should respect text typed in paragraphs. Have you tried a rich text component to display the Main Text? Otherwise, you can also inject html tags like <p> or <br> for paragraph or line breaks.

Tried all of that. I converted the text field in the table into a rich text field and tried adding
. It looks the same, except now I have
written in my text…:woozy_face:

< br > (it’s not showing in my reply)

Can you show a screenshot? Setting the column type to Rich Text isn’t going to do much, but using a Rich Text component on the screen will.

Ok, I’ll try replacing it in the form, but is this even possible? I would need a rich text entry field, and I only see a regular text entry field and a rich text component, which doesn’t seem suitable for users to fill in text.

Can’t find a suitable component to replace it with. I guess this only works for detail screens?

Shouldn’t matter. The user can enter text in a text component and you display it with a rich text component.

But when I add a rich text component to the submission form, it is not visible to the user because the column is empty. :thinking:

Why would you want a rich text component on the submission form? Just have the text entry and let the user type in their text with paragraph spacing. When you display the results later, you can show it via the rich text component.


This is the submission form, these are the screen details, and this is the column in the table.

This could work. Trying something…

Thank you! I had previously set the components to Data: Headline and then Details below. Now using separate components for each; headline & rich text.

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