Long Text Field only shows two lines on Text Entry

I’m trying to give admin users the ability to update a field that is long text (it gets displayed as a Rich Text field in the app). I’ve added a settings page and on it I’ve got a Text Entry field where I’d like the admin user to be able to make changes to this single cell of text (a form submission would add another row and I don’t want that). The issues is that the Text Entry field is only displaying the first two lines of text in the app and then includes a big empty space underneath it (where the rest of the text should be displayed). I’d like my users to be able to view and edit all the text in this field.

Not ideal, but would the Note component help?

Weird, but now my long text field is working and displaying all lines of text. May have been a Firefox issue as I was seeing this in the builder while using Firefox as my browser. Just opened the app in Chrome and it looks right!

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