Formatting Text in Pages

Hello Guys,

I have one rich text column containing some information.

Please see screenshot above. First one is visible via Text component. It shows proper line breaks etc. but shows html tags
Second one is visible via rich text component. It shows formatting properly but all line breaks are gone.

I want to show this paragraph in proper formatting with linebreaks. Can someone help?

use HTML in rich text components… u can do that in Pages… do not use CSS like in Apps

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As Uzo pointed out, you just need to add appropriate HTML tags to use in the Rich Text component. So for example, your list would need to be formatted something like:

<ol type="i">
  <li> Listed companies...</li>
  <li> companies having paid up...</li>
  <li> companies having turnover...</li>
  <li> all companies which are...</li>

Which should render as:

  1. Listed companies...
  2. companies having paid up...
  3. companies having turnover...
  4. all companies which are...

You are great! I’m too lazy :wink: … I only do free samples when it challenges me, or I see the prosper customer…

Thank you both of you. I am actually aware of this. But I thought there might be some easy way. Thank you

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but if you use a rich text and double enter… it should create a break line

You could also use Markdown, which is what is officially supported. But I think HTML is generally pretty safe.


HTML is the best for Pages… you can really format all aspects. For just bullet points, bold… Italic… use the markdown

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Thank you @Uzo and @Darren_Murphy. I guess markdown is easier in my case.

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