Intro and Issue

Hi there Glide Community.

I’ve made two apps so far, a local food favorites app for friends and family and an anti-racist guide resource app. I love the ease and functionality of this format as well as the kind and brilliant people who are doing great things with Glide.

I am creating a psych assessment app using the Meal Plan template as a base and came across some issues. I contacted the owner but maybe I should’ve posted this first. I hope my etiquette is thoughtful.

I read this conversation:
Paragraph spaces within a cell
but to no avail. I tried everything suggested and also downloaded an iOS markdown app which came up with the same results. I’m using an iPad Pro without a physical keyboard.

I want to make my text appear as in the Meal Plan as in the screenie down below - bulleted vertically and spaces for paragraphs, but when I change the text on my sheet, it is crammed together and show the * that are supposed to be bullets.

I didn’t know how to search so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and be well!

Hi Gregorio, you can do it using rich text, for example:

<li>Item A</li>
<li>Item B</li>
<li>Item C</li>
<li>Item D</li>

Result is:

  • Item A
  • Item B
  • Item C
  • Item D
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Thanks, Mauricio!
It works well.

Why is it not written this way on the sheet in the template I copied?

Because HTML is not formally supported and it might end up not working with Glide eventually.


Thanks for the info, Jesus.
Good to know.

Here’s some resources:

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Thank you, Jeff for those helpful workarounds.

I also found a video that explains two methods for iOS.

Stay well!

Edit: I think that video is for lines to show up in Sheets. And now I’m finding that HTML is the only thing that’s working for me in iOS (iPad). Sigh.

I’ve alway found that when typing a list in google sheets, two spaces and a carriage return (CTRL+Enter) on a windows machine, will give you a line break. ‘*’ with a space afterwards will give you a bullet. This all works in a rich text box without the need for html.

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