Inline text field

The ability to display “Basic Text” inline would be great. This wouldn’t apply for all cases, but for one app I’m working on now, the value of the field is just a number, so displaying it inline would take up less real estate and look a lot better in the app.


Label: value

Instead of


That would be a nice feature, but for now, you can do this with markdown in a rich text field.

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Can you please send me the syntax for doing that with markdown?

Basically something like this. Just make sure there are 2 spaces and a carriage return after each line if you are doing multiple values like me. You can dynamically build everything into one mark markdown column.

**Age:** 9
**Grade:** 5th Grade

If you want a better example, look at and copy . In the advanced or lts students tab, there are markdown columns that are dynamically built. I still have HTML mixed in, which I should really get rid of, but you could strip out the html and it should work.

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