Rich Text Editor

Looking to see if anyone has been able to find a way for users to have the ability to bold, bullet point, etc. in glide? It’s a must for one of my clients and becoming a roadblock. I was hoping for something with the amazing updates that have been coming out but I’m not sure if anyone has some insider knowledge as to the reason it’s NOT added or an incredible work around.

Thanks everyone!

Have you tried with Markdown?

How do you add markdown as a component in glide?

The Rich Text component can render text constructed in markdown.

I know - but would like the users to also construct rich text inside glide aswell.

Agreed. The bigger thing is allowing the user to be able to format text easily.

Gotcha. You want them to have a basic WYSIWYG toolbar in a text entry component or the like?

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That could be neat. @tristan

Perhaps add a component that mirrors Glide Classic Apps’ Note component but it has the added feature of

  1. has a basic WYSIWYG toolbar
  2. When tapping “submit” the output is rendered in either Markdown or HTML based on the component’s set up?

Would benefit in many areas :smiley:

This could be an incredibly valuable add on for sure. Wonder why it hasn’t been implemented yet?

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