Markdown tool

Can be handy!

I have been using . Just be aware that not all of the syntax will work in Glide.

I’m hoping for a future Glide solution. Press B and get B Pres I and you get I etcetera.

Implementing a full RichText editor, that is practical to use on a mobile phone, will be a challenge that I suspect is at the bottom of Glides development list.


I use dillinger as well. It’s the cleanest tool out there.
Good luck!

Well, I only need something like in Discourse, like in this forum. Not that impossible I think. But since you know what’s at the bottom, can you tell me what’s at the top op the development list? :wink:

I never know, I only speculate.

There are a more apps that use Markup language and have Rich Text layer on top. It’s not as undoable as you think, I think. If it’s a priority, that’s something else. But if you want to have an app for the masses, I think Markup Language is a barrier.

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I guess we will have to wait and see, based on what new features they release, what the Glide team thinks are the most important features and enhancements.

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Of course, they do a great job.