MarkUp Language in notes

I like the notes option, but it would be even more helpful with markup language to create lists etc.

I use the notes for input and use Rich Text to display the notes. Would that satisfy your request?

How does rich text work? What would I need to type to go to a new line (end of paragraph) or to make a list?

Google Markdown syntax. There are a lot of examples and tutorial. I use to test it out.

I’ll look it up. Important question is if I can expect normal users to use this. Thanks!

That would be a no. You shouldn’t expect them to.

I would love a simple editor like in this Discourse post, but if that’s not possible my Markup request remains :wink:

I would venture to say that this editor, while preforming simply, is very complex under the covers. But I agree that it would be pretty cool to have one like it built into one of the Glide components. Maybe it’s on one of their roadmaps.

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It must be hard choosing between all stuff we want :wink: