Rich text editor, for rich text field

Dear all,

A rich text editor would really be of interest, for users writing text or notes.

I am currently achieving this by asking to the user, for example, to put “((” and “))” resp. before and after a word or sentence he wants to be in bold font (and I use of Substitute formula la replace the (( with < b > and )) by < /b >, even if I know, I am using html tags…)

Could this feature request be of interest for glideapps users? I am pretty sure that yes!



I would suggest that it would better to point them to something like and tell them to type it in with that syntax. Two asterisk’s for bold etc. Also for that matter you should do the replace with that syntax instead of HTML tags.

Hello George, it is indeed an option but it would / will decrease the user experience, and will not benefit to the app adoption., unfortunately. I can not ask them to go first to dillinger, to type their text with formatting, to copy it and then to come back to the app and paste the text. Too long process, and many constraints…

A minimal rich text editor, with on’y bold, italic, underline, bullets and font colors would be fantastic!

Great idea.


I love glideapps, and I love you David, even when you’re off! Take a rest and come back full of added value to make Glideapps the no code framework we do need! :+1:

Wondering wat Solved means in a case like this :wink:

The added value, even if still an idea. Technology is important, users adoption is much more important.

I understand. But I was just suggesting that if you grabbed a few tips from Dillinger and told your users to use two asterisk’s front and back for bold (i.e. bold ), etc. instead of telling them to use ((bold)) get bold. And then you don’t even need to use your Substitute formula. For maybe some of your power users you could give the a few more of the standard markdown codes. I have a few users that are far from tech savvy but when I showed them what they could do with a few markdown tips they were off to the races.

I understand too, George, and your proposal remains a great alternative. Nevertheless, if my business works, my app could be replicated for many users that will have to manage their own contents, maybe thousands of users. And note sure all of them will be able to understand markdown and why they would have to type ( ( or # # to get bold.

Wait n’ see. And if ever a simple text editor is not achievable, I will not communicate on fonts formatting…

The last few weeks I’ve been learning a lot about markdown syntax (which is great) but this is a no-brainer too.

Good call! :slight_smile:

@Christophe_HK Agreed, I’m on board for a wanting a Rich Text editor, just trying to come up with a solution in the mean time.

That’s what you did, perfectly. Your option is the best way to do without any editor. :+1: