Carriage-return not being displayed in text field

I have a cell that has a formula that uses the Char(10) to create a carriage return. It displays correctly in Google Sheets but not in Glide (See screenshots). I’ve tried both “Text” and “Rich Text” fields.

This is the formula in Sheets:
=iferror(textjoin( CHAR(10) ,true , query(‘AFSSC done’!$A$2:$B,“select B where A=’”&$A10&"’ order by B asc ") ))

31 ![Screenshot%20(2)|606x499](

here it is in GLide…

@mptA1 Try using “/n” instead of char(10).

How do you mean? With or without quotes? i tried both in the formula… with quotes it just displays the chracters, without the quotes the formua give an error.


CTRL+ENTER might work also. I use that for carriage returns when typing into the formula bar in google sheets. You don’t see a character, but it’s always worked for me to break to a new line.

Also change to a Rich Text Component. I don’t think Basic Text will show line breaks.

ctrl+enter is what I did originally and it didn’t work in text or rich text. That’s when I tried char(10), which doesn’t work either.

My mistake, I had Google Script (javascript) on the brain, and even then I should have used \n (backslash n). Totally mislead you, sorry.

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I know that Glide advises us not to use HTML but
is how I do the line breaks:
=“Line number 1.
” &
“Line number 2.
” &

those are ctrl+enter within the cell? If so, that doesn’t work. It doesn’t show up in text or rich text field.

It’s not the ctrl+enter’s that is doing it. It’s the < b r / > 's

OK, I swear this worked for me before using a single line break, but maybe I was doing something different. I recall now that markdown requires 2 carriage returns for a line break. Try that and use the Rich Text component

Actually 2 spaces and 1 carriage return. 2 carriage returns is a paragraph break.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager that was it! Use 2 carriage returns did the trick!

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