=SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(13), " " & CHAR(13)) Excel Formula not Working

Hello fellow gliders,

I am trying to add a line break to a rich text column but when I add this excel formula column it does not return any data.

The text that I want substituted is in the A1 column. Not sure why this is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Glide does not support the SUBSTITUTE formula… use the template column… <br>

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Thank you for your speedy response. That is good to know, I assumed SUBSTITUTE was supported.

If you don’t mind, how would you set up the template column? I tried and the replacement field does not appear to recognize Char(13). Or at least the data does not appear to change when displayed on the FE.

Do you want to replace char 13 with space?

Actually the other way around. Basically when the user enters rich text like so:

One item 
two item 
three item 
four item

it is displayed as so:

one item two item three item four item

and I would prefer it to be displayed as it is entered (top)

use rich text component to display it

Rich text component still displays it as:

one item two item three item four item

i’m lost… rich text will display with line breaks… use double break or tag <br>

That is what I am so confused about. It is displaying it in different ways in the glide table and on the FE. As seen below

Try typing a Carriage Return (Enter key) into the ‘Replace This’ parameter.

Then there are a few things you can try in the ‘With This’ parameter:

  • 2 spaces and a carriage return
  • <br>
  • <p>

One of those should work.


Using the Replace All column and typing the carriage return (enter key) in the ‘replace this’ parameter and the <br> in the ‘with this’ parameter worked.

Thank you so much for the help, @Uzo and @Jeff_Hager.


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