Rich text not displaying correctly

I have a form with a notes entry component.

Having trouble getting the text to be formatted with line breaks when output as rich text. As you can see below, there are no line breaks. If formatted as entered it should appear as

Monday - school
Tuesday - family
Thursday - school
Friday - family

Any thoughts on why this is happening? I’m probably missing something really simple.

Rich text component is based on markdown formatting. If you want a line break, you have to type 2 space characters at the end of each line, then a carriage return. You’ll get the line breaks this way.

Thanks @Christophe_HK.

My users are going to be entering the text and won’t know to do that. Any recommendations for easily displaying user generated text on multiple lines?

I do the 2 spaces and a carriage return when editing test that will be in a rich text component. It looks like you can get away with 2 carriage returns inside a note or text entry to get a paragraph line break. It’s still not user friendly, but that’s the nature of markdown. I wish there was a better way to handle note taking, but I don’t think there is any at this time.


@gila. You could add those spaces at the end of each line by creating another column and using this formula (assuming the entered data is in column A):

=SUBSTITUTE(A2, CHAR(10), "  " & CHAR(10))

@George_B…genius. I had thought “why not use a template column to add those characters?” or the like, but realized that it would have to be a template per line, which wouldn’t work. Didn’t even think of using the “substitute” formula.

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@George_B thank you again!