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I’m working on an App for my office and there’s a lot of text to enter. I want to make it the most aerated possible so I wanted to add spaces between my paragraphs. I’ve looked online on how to that with Markdown as I’m using the Rich Text component and I found how to do it (yay!). However, it doesn’t seem to work…I’ve tried the spaces at the end of the line, the two line returns, three line returns between lines to separate my paragraphs but nothing seems to work…I’ve also tried to type my text into Dillinger to see if the formatting was wrong, but in Dillinger everything is fine…Any of you figured out how to do it?
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Sometimes I have to do two returns, a <br> tag, then two more returns:


Like this.

Wow. That works wonders! Thank you!

To add more to what Robert said, you can always make sure it is properly formatted by adding a new column, namely “Formatted version”.

Let’s say the original text is in A and the “Formatted version” is in B. What you put in cell B2 is:


What it does is replace all the “next line” characters (shown as CHAR(10) in Google Sheets) with the

Hope it helps.

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If you are entering the text in your sheet, I’ve found that 2 spaces and a carriage return (Ctrl+Enter) seem to work for getting a new paragraph with no spaces between paragraphs. Two carriage returns seems to give me a space between paragraphs.

If the text is always static and displayed for all rows, then you can also just enter the text directly into the Rich Text component settings as opposed to selecting a column. This is a little more user friendly and handles paragraph breaks better.

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Yes, the 2 or 3 spaces + carriage return make a black line or a end of line using the rich text component. I always use this to force new lines.

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