CHAR(10) doesn't seem to be converting to a line break on Glide

Hi Team Glide,

Just letting you know that CHAR(10) doesn’t seem to be converting to a line break when interpreted by Glide.

When CHAR(10) is nested in a formula it shows on the cell as a new line, however does not on Glide.

Not sure if this was by design but hope that helps, great job so far!

Did you try 2 x CHAR(10)?

2x CHAR(10) double line breaks in the cell on sheets, but does nothing within Glide.

I use it all over my apps in the Rich Text component to insert line breaks without a problem.

Thanks for the feedback, nice to know although in my original post this is when you use it nested inside a formula :slight_smile:

Yes, I use it nested in formulas; Rich Text just references the cells containing those formulas. CHAR() is a spreadsheet function, so it has to be outside any quotation marks in your formula.

Is it possible that you are expecting a line break on a Glide element that does not support line breaks? For example, “Details” and “Titles” on inline lists do not support line breaks. So if you have char(10) in your column/cell that is being grabbed by the the Title or Detail field in a Glide list, Glide will simply ignore the break. What you’re trying to do only works on one element currently: RichText. I’m really hoping this will change though… I’m actually using the Title and Details of Inline lists to create a text content feed (like a twitter) and it’s a bummer that you can’t use Markdown or HTML in those elements.

Ah, understood. I didn’t know that Glide didn’t support line breaks.

Seeing as though they support it in a rich text field I’m hopeful it’s not too far on the horizon.

Agreed, it would be nice if the app passed on line breaks, Markdown and HTML- I’m sure the team is working hard.

Like @John_Cabrera and said, you can only do line breaks in rich text components, but another thing to try would be 2 spaces and a CRLF (space, space, alt+enter) in place of the char(10). Or at the very least, try just the CRLF (alt+enter), but I think that might not work. If you are trying to do this outside of a rich text component, then it probably won’t work.

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Aww, man. I was so hoping you’d found some clever hack there @Jeff_Hager, because having at least carriage returns on those Title, Detail, and Caption fields would be huge for my app. But alas, it still doesn’t work. :neutral_face:

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Thank you Jeff and all, appreciate the attention here.


bump. still the case. no carriage return. need this please. tried tons of spaces but seems they trim multiple spaces to a single space.

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Do we have any equivalents of the empty character for this? I guess even so it will be hard to make this case work.

Nothing that I can think of right now.

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I could really use this functionality for Title and Details as well!

@ThinhDinh has done it again. Using this CSS, the list element will support line breaks in rich text columns

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