Question about line break format in Glide DB

Hey Glide devs (or Experts if you know the answer). What is the formatting for line breaks in text on Glide’s DB view? When someone inputs text data, Google Sheets preserves the line breaks. We can parse these breaks in Sheets using char(10), but in Glide’s DB view all of the data appears without line breaks, even though it displays in the app with line breaks. Is there a code of some kind for line breaks in the Glide DB so that we can create templates that account for them?

USE CASE: I’m using Cloudinary to display text information on images. Without information on those line breaks in Glide’s DB, I need to do the appropriate parsing and reformatting of that text content in the google sheets so that the Glide Template Column can recognize the line break and create an appropriate Cloudinary URL that includes the line break. But if I could create that URL straight from the original text input, the update speed for the user would be considerably faster.