Item in Edit Mode on App Not Matching Text Entry Component in Sheets

My app’s URL:

I can’t seem to get the Text Component for editing on the app to match what’s in Sheets. Notice how instead of showing Monitor 1 Model, Monitor 1 Barcode, Monitor 2 Model, Monitor 2 Barcode, it just shows Monitor Barcode for all 4.

Hmm. Annoying. You can still change that text manually though…

That’s true. Notice how it works for Desktop though at the bottom of the app?

Huh! That’s right! That is so weird. I have no idea what’s going on with your app!

Did you copy the components and then change the associated column attached to it? Or is this the default layout that Glide gave you the first time you opened the edit screen? I’ve maybe seen something like that, but I haven’t paid much attention whether it was being buggy or not.

I think I drag 'n dropped 2 columns to move them closer to the other ones I wanted them to. Or maybe it’s related to duplicating components? Maybe that’s it. Because I did forget to change the titles for the duplicated components. Or does that not have anything to do with it?

Those would pretty much be my initial thoughts. Possibly duplicating the components

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In my experience, when I have a component that matches the column name, when I duplicate it and change the destination column, those changes are made accordingly.

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I think maybe if you change the component title to something other than the column heading, then duplicate it, then the custom title sticks even if you change the column it points to.