Edit Headings Not Syncing w/ Sheet

My app’s URL: voxerpe.glideapp.io

A little background on this app to help you diagnose the issue. This app is a duplicate from another app that I’ve created. I clicked on Copy the Sheet when duplicating the app. I enabled editing for users on the new app.

When I opened up the new app’s copy of the Google Sheet, I made sure to change the headers to Chat Groups, Description, Image and Links (before I even enabled editing for users) and the title of the new Google Sheet. But, when I click on the Edit icon (pencil), it brings up the old sheet’s headers and won’t remove them even after reloading the sheet in go.glideapps.com.

Here’s a screenshot of the headers I want…


And here’s a screenshot of the editing page on the app, which still has the headers from the old Google Sheet that I can’t seem to remove…


The component labels default to the titles but can be changed so they are stored as hard strings for those components. Since those components where added in your original, you will need to go into each component and change the labels manually.

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Thanks, @George_B! Appreciate it. Feel free to delete this thread.

It’s all good, I just reclassified it and changed the title.