Messed up my header now I can't update the sheet, HELP?

My app’s URL:
I had copied in new event data and mistakenly had the top row in twice. so I deleted one. I don’t want to loose everything by saying yes to this prompt.

any help here?

If you just close the browser and go back into your project, do you still get the message? Are there any other headings that may have been overwritten? The remove button should only remove components that can’t link to an existing column while leaving everything else alone. Could try duplicateing the app and sheet to see if it copies properly. Hard to say what will happen when the Remove button is clicked.

Looking at our logs, it seems you deleted the columns “Done” and “NOTES” from the sheet “Room sort”. You can either restore those, or Glide will have to rewrite/delete components in your app that refer to those columns. You can also change those components yourself if you know where they are, and then the warning should go away after a bit.

Ahhhhh! Totally forgot about those columns! That’ll fix it!!!
Thanks so much for the speedy solution!


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