Whats the reason for this error?


I am seeing this error on my Glide table since last evening and nothing has changed in this table at all. Too reluctant on clicking on the resolve in ea fear of losing data on this table ( though small but very much needed for my testing ). Can you help me figure out whats the issue or how to overcome it?


Is that sheet built from a formula? I’ve had this happen if Glide tries to sync at the same moment that a formula driven sheet is repopulating/recalculating. For that reason, I’ve created static headers in row 1 and the dynamic formula driven data populates the rest of the rows. That way Glide doesn’t see a column as removed and get stuck with this error.

In my past experience with this situation, just waiting for up to hour will allow glide to resync by itself. Or making a change in the sheet will trigger google to send the updated data to glide and it seems to clear up. But if this is in fact caused by a formula populated sheet, then I would definitely make sure you manually create the headers so they don’t ever clear out momentarily.

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Well @Jeff_Hager It’s not really the case in this sheet. These values come as an output of filling up a form that is nested inside another form. As you see I just have 2 relations defined to check at a user level what all items he has under that category that he has created now. I had a script running on this sheet that was checking for duplicate rows for a given user ie if he tries to create a new series with the same name. But have disabled that as the script started getting more complex in handling it. But for sure there is no formula-driven data generation. I will try to do 2 things as you mentioned
a. Static header ( just in case I haven’t yet )
b. Add another entry into this sheet to see if that makes Google and Glide come to a consensus.

Having said that, in the worst of the scenario what is expected to happen if I click on the redbutton which says “Remove features and Sync”


It’s been a long time since it’s happened to me, but I learned to wait and patient and it seemed to clear up after awhile. Doesn’t seem to be the case for you though after several hours.

If I recall, if a column went missing and you got the message, clicking the remove button would pretty much delete any components that use that column. Seems like Glide handles things a little more gracefully now and doesn’t delete anything, but may require you to reconfigure anything that used that column.

You may want to create a duplicate of your app. First to have a hopefully functional backup if things go bad with the original, and second, just to see if the issue clears up in the duplicate.

It’s weird, but when this happens, it seems like Glide gets stuck and refuses to even check the sheet again to see if the data is restored. I don’t know why. My theory to get it working again is that triggering a data change from the google sheet may overcome that and get things syncing again, but it’s hard to say if that’s the case. Wish I had a definite answer for you.

So this was the issue ( probably ) but what all i tried and what it ended up ( for the benefit of people who might bump into simillar issue )

a. Static header was not defined for this sheet - which i did - didnt make any difference
b. Add another entry to this sheet - didnt make any difference
c. Click on the “Remove and Sync” - the error vanished !

So what did step C do or what caused this ? On the sheet where i have the individual posts defined while moving around the “images” column something had got messed up and it went missing !! oops Now that column was referenced in this User-Series sheet as a relation which caused this error. So went back and repopulated the images column from backend and then came back to the User-Series sheet that there is no more error coming back again. So all is well now. But the bigger question is how did the images column even go missing ( which i dont know if i have to waste time thinking about it now :wink: )

Having said that @Jeff_Hager - would you be able to let know if we have a glideapp setup with some sample data in it. and we want to push it into public/production for everyone’s use. And before broadcasting the app link - if we go ahead and remove all user generated test data from the sheets - would it break something ? I dont have any formula generated columns anywhere but quite a lot of relations/rollup/lookup defined across many sheets.


That seems like an odd reason to get an error that ‘All Columns’ are missing, but like you said, may not be worth thinking about and trying to understand.

To answer your question, I see no reason why you couldn’t remove all test data. As long as the headers remain intact, then you should be fine.

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