Glide Cannot Sync

This is the main sheet.
What should i do ? i afraid that it will remove the features.
Because all depend on this first page

Does that sheet use any importrange or query formulas?

Yes. i am using importrange


My guess is that the data temporarily “disappeared” at the exact same time that Glide was syncing with your Google Spreadsheet, and so Glide thinks all the columns are gone. I’ve seen this before with importrange. The way to avoid it is to use static column headings and start your importrange from row 2. This way, the column headings will never disappear even if the formula breaks.

It should be safe to re-sync, as long as the data in the Google Sheet is intact. If you’re nervous about it, make a copy of your App first.


Ok, just did it, all fine fuhh.
I’m scareee .
Thanks Darren. Youre the best. heeee. Like always . :crown:

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