Better handling of syncing issues

I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve been making changes to my sheet to do some cleanup. In some cases I’ve removed a column from my sheet unintentionally (or intentionally, but before I’ve reassigned components to new columns), which obviously gives me the warning that components that use that component will be removed. The problem I have is that if I restore that column in my sheet, I can’t get the sync warning to go away. In my case I didn’t want the component to go away, but I either have to let glide delete the components or I have to go through and find all of the components that are affected and temporarily point them to a different column so I can resync the app to the sheet.

This leads to 2 things that I wish glide would handle better

  1. Give a better indication of which components are affected and where to find them. Sometimes I’ve had this happen with columns that are used in several different places in the app, so it’s hard to track down which components would be deleted without checking each and every screen.
  2. If the yellow “can’t sync” warning is displayed, I think it would be better if glide could at least check the sheet again, when clicking on reload, to see if the column has been restored. It seems like glide will not attempt to check the sheet and directly shows the popup of missing columns. In many cases, I have fixed the sheet issue, but glide will not reload and I run the risk of having components removed that were not meant to be removed.

Here it says to restore the column to resume syncing, but for me it doesn’t resume after I have restored the columns.


I agree. After restoring a column it’s nerve-racking to click that red button. It’s like Russian Roulette… :grimacing:



In other systems it is called XRef and when I began with Glide months ago I looked for it but with no success.


Even if you take care of the components, you still get the warning. But yes, it is nerve-racking. If it’s a bigger app, I just worry that I might miss something and not realize it for a long time.


I would definitely like to see this fixed. For now, I am just duplicating my app religiously. It will not simply let me refresh the original app when I know the duplicate works. It forces me to remove the features it previously identified as not working

I still need to verify this, but the last time I removed a column in my sheet and realized it was still used in my app, I then restored the column in my sheet. The reload still didn’t pull the last version of the sheet and I still got the warning message, but if I waited a few minutes I think google did eventually send the update to glide and this allowed the message to go away and syncing to resume.

need help, after clicking that red button, I can’t make a relation. Whats wrong?

Can you explain what’s happening when you try to create a relation?

This reminds me of one of the features in the new GAS editor that I really love…

How awesome would that be in the GDE?! :grinning:

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