Unable to remove unused columns without messing up app sync

When I started this app I was planning to allow users to share their location so I had address, latitude, longitude columns. I never used this. Tonight I deleted these empty columns and got this error. Even if I added these columns back in, now I am stuck on these screen. There is not additional option on this error message that will allow me to ‘try again’ only delete features and sync, even if I have restored the columns as instructed. Now my app is out of wack again, this is the second time this has happened and the only remedy is to let it delete :frowning: Please advise how to work around this. I have once again added lots of data before I deleted these columns so I’m in a pinch again.

Glide cannot sync with your Google Sheet

These columns are missing:


To resume syncing, restore these columns or remove the features from your app that use them.

CancelRemove Features & Sync