Tragedy of deleting a sheet and therefore losing all the hardwork done!

I just undid all the hardwork I had done in setting up components for a few screens. Because, I accidentally deleted one sheet which I had used just for adding some buttons which linked to other screens. Glide did give the message of removing components, but it is not clear, which components on which screen are being referred to. Now, when I again placed back the sheet and added the buttons, and linked to other sheets, I find all the components for each sheet are gone. Is there something Glide could think of, by which this can be prevented? Because, I am thinking if this happened after the app is live, and used by many, the damage would be unable to recover from.

Sorry to hear of your loss of data. Such a motivation killer, I know… I’ve been there. For me, every so often I’ll lose columns worth of data if I accidentally check/uncheck the match multiple Box on a relational column. For whatever reason, it breaks the connection on all dependent columns and deletes them and the components to which they’re attached. Hopefully you can get back up and running soon!

Thanks for the support and encouragement. I did get depressed for two days, but came back and did a better and more simple design of the components.