Components disapearing?

Hi, for some days/weeks, I have the feeling that some of my components are disappearing from the screen editor.

At the beginning, I thought that it was me who unintentionally deleted them; but it happened many times, so I start to have my doubt.

Did some of you experience the same?

For my part I don’t experience this. Wonder what happens for others.

I find that whenever I add a new Glide table it takes a while to “settle down”. What I mean by that is that as soon as a start adding new columns they’ll sometimes disappear almost as quickly as I add them. The same with re-naming or removing the default columns that come with a new Glide table. I’ll delete or re-name a column and then watch the change revert in front of my eyes. This almost always happens in the first 10-15 minutes after I’ve created the table. After that, it’s generally fine.

Having said all that, this mostly happens in one specific app, which is a bit of a monster. I just had a quick look in the manifest, and it has:

  • 66 tables
  • 1535 computed columns
  • 21k rows

Sometimes I wonder if I’m starting to push the limits in terms of computed columns and I’m half expecting the whole thing to implode one day :crazy_face:

But how many is too many? :thinking: (maybe I’m on my way to finding out)


I experienced odd behaviour yesterda, and I don’t know if I was too tired and I was dreaming, but did some modifications, checked on the real app and they weren’t being displayed, checked the editor and they were gone…

Yes, it happens quite often for a long time… i duplicated all my apps every time i made progress. it already saved me view times

I’ve had it twice today, and these times I’m quite confident that it was not a mistake.

I cannot reproduce it and don’t know what’s the trigger: it happens on any types of component (choice, inline…), whether the app is in production or not, and probably (but not sure), rather on details screen.

Very critical IF it is confirmed as a bug since a key component of our apps could disappear any time.

@Mark, have you already heard about this? In case you want to audit, the link to my app for support Glide


I just had a whole Glide Table disappeared…gone, out, kaput. I’ve closed the editor, reopen it, refreshed it, but it ain’t there!! And also experienced some components duplicating…alone. The Glide Ghost is around us

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Speaking of ghosts… i also experience random values appearing in random columns, very rare… but it happens

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I’ve raised this topic with support.


Thank you David, do you need some support tickets?

In case you do…this is the one that has one glide table gone

This happened to me a couple of times a few months ago. What I found was the table was still there, but it had become decoupled from my app. By searching for the table, I was able to link it back to the app and all columns I’d created were still there. Associated components were gone, but at least I was able to recover the table.

Worth a try in your case?

Yea, the components are still there…somehow, but I don’t see the table. Scared of touching anything :joy:

I have another fun one: sometimes, the columns are there, but the rows have disapeared. They re-appear if we close-open the app.
Et voilĂ  Glide-Potter!

Yes, I’ve seen that as well.
Sometimes, I’ll create a new Glide table and manually add data to 2 or 3 rows.
Then a minute or two later, the rows will disappear.
So I add them again.
And then 5 minutes later, I find 2 of each row that I’ve added :crazy_face:

Hey, I may have found a lead!

  • I was working on my screen and had a component selected

  • Then I moved to the dataeditor by using the link from the screen (see picture)

  • In the dataeditor, I deleted a value in a field (an USC by the way).

  • When I came back to the screen, the component which was initially selected was deleted

=> Assumption: since a component selection remains when we go & back to-from the GDE, a delete action has an impact on the components…