Disappearing data in a Glide table (again)

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Describe the bug:
Today and again the data in my Glide table “Products” was partial gone. Missing a lot of rows data.
Last week i had the same issue. I i’ve seen more complaints on the forum.

Expected behavior:
I expect all my data in the table.

How to replicate:
I don’t know. De data was disappeared a a user called me about that. The strange thing is that when i put the sku data one by one back the other data in the table wil reappear also again. The syncing however was set to manual…

Regards, Ronald


So you store everything in Glide Tables and nowhere else?

Can you link us to those threads?

Thinh Dinh, You yourself (previously) responded to this message and I also created a bug report…

As mentioned in the text, this is a Glide table.

The setup is as follows: Several Glide tables are running in combination with a number of Google Sheets. The relevant Glide table (Products) is quite large by the way.

The Glide table where the data disappears is called A for the sake of convenience.

Via Google sheet there are different relationships with different Glide tables. 1 of those relationships is with Glide table B. From Google table A, various “lookups” are then done to other tables, including Glide table B.
Everything runs like a charm, days in a row. And suddenly (now for the second time) data (rows) has disappeared (about 40% the last time).

Regards and thank you for your response,

So was the whole row of data gone missing, or is it just the lookups with the Google Sheets?

The whole row. More dan 40% of the table rows.

YES! It is very strange and gets even stranger.

This started when most, but not all, of the columns were suddenly blank for about a 100 of the most recently entered rows. I just tried to salvage some of the data manually by re-entering where I could.

To my surprise, when I started entered data into one of the blank columns, all of the other blank columns in that row suddenly showed their original data again!

Here’s a short Loom showing me pasting values into one of the columns and data magically appearing in other non-calculated columns a few second later:

(Sorry! just noticed how terrible the recording came out. I can assure you the first and last columns visible are standard text & email entry fields, not calculated columns)

There’s definitely something wrong with Glide Tables!

Is the table in question shared with any other projects?
I’ve seen very similar behaviour with shared Glide tables.

The other question I would ask is does the data appear if you refresh the browser?

Nope, mine is not shared with other projects.
Yes, I have refreshed the browser and this actually occurred last week and the data was still showing blank until I started to edit another column.

No, it’s not a shared table.
No, no restoring after a refresh; only when (in my case) i manually enter the sku of the product and set Glide to manual sync.

Yesssss… Same here.

Too late for me to test, but wondering if adding a new text column and entering something random into it for each row would restore all the lost columns.

Would need to submit a ticket, I guess.


I’ve had this happen too more than once and in my case it was a Glide table (user table) shared between 2 apps. This latest time the data in one column (a text column) vanished from one instance of the table but was still present in the other. The column header was still there, just no data and all the computed columns based on the missing column confirmed the data was missing. After numerous browser refreshes and several hours with no change, I edited one value in a different column to verify that it was indeed the same table, and that apparently forced them to sync again.