Data mysteriously vanished from my Glide Table

My App/Pages support link: (THIS IS PRODUCTION DATA!)

Describe the bug:
I logged in today and found a large swath of data is missing from my Glide Table. The rows are still there but most of their column values are blank. My app doesn’t provide any ability to edit these particular columns after submission so it can’t have been done by users.

Expected behavior:
I expect my Glide Tables data to persist. I also expected some kind of easy to use restore feature, like Google Sheets, to be present.

How to replicate:
Unsure. Around 110 rows of data were collected yesterday between 1-2pm and was showing correctly when I left around 4:30pm. This morning when I opened the app around 8am, most of the column values for just those rows collected yesterday were blank. Data collected on previous days was unaffected.

I had the same today. About 80 rows where randomly gone. I’ve got my data back by restoring only 1 column for each row.

Please submit a ticket here.