☠️ Data Columns Vanished from Glide Table!

@mark @david I used a Glide Table as my user profile table and now half of my relation columns are missing altogether…ones that were crucial to my app:

I think this happened after using math columns to modify dates as noted here:

This is very troubling and makes me very apprehensive to using Glide Tables.


The columns blanking out should be fixed by Wednesday, but that bug shouldn’t have caused columns to disappear for good.

Can you reproduce this behavior, with the columns being gone even after a browser reload?

Yeah, these ones appear to be gone gone. I can’t reproduce. I just noticed it tonight—haven’t been in the app in a few days.

It happened to me too, but I closed and went back inside and it appeared again

This exact same thing happened to me. I reached out to support last week about it. It’s definitely a bummer.