Components gone

Hey everyone,

@Mark @david

I dot know what’s going on but all the components seemed to have disappeared from GDE

Has anybody else having this problem?

@Robert_Petitto, @ThinhDinh, @eltintero,

Does this happen in all of your apps? Can you please send a support link to so we can look?

It’s happening on this one. I’ll send the link.

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Oh no! same is happening to mySanta again…As far as I know we are not doing anything wrong. Mark fixed mine only days ago…But back to square one again, That’s it…ive lost my Glide Tshirt!


The problem I had here is that I had a bunch of user-specific columns. Support that this is made by design, the user-specific columns only work on a detail view. I solved the problem by adding a regular column and all the components appeared.