Newly linked Glide Table keeps disappearing from the editor

Any idea why linked Glide Tables keep disappearing from the editor. It appears for few seconds then disappears.

and a quick question, when we link a glide table between 2 different projects. Computed columns are lost but what about the Row ID column. It seems that is gone as well?

You need to add the RowID column when you link it, and it should populate with the same RowID values in all Apps that it’s used in.

Thank you Darren
any idea why it keeps disappearing! it appears for few seconds than goes away.

I have seen this behaviour before, although not for a while.

Have you tried exiting the App to the dashboard and then opening it in the builder again?

I found that it would often - but not always - sort itself out if I did that.

yes i’ve tried that loads of times but not working

Okay, then I don’t have any other suggestions, sorry.

If it gets too bad, perhaps raise a support ticket.