Delete a column in Google Sheet

Hi! My App is connected to a Google Sheet for the User list. I want to delete a column that I won’t be using. I delete the column from Google Sheets, but it doesn’t reflect in my app. And whenever I use the refresh buttons, Data Sources or Data Editor, Glide overrides my change in my Google Sheet and makes it back the way it was.
It drives me crazy… please help.

That’s odd, and is not what should happen. This really shouldn’t make any difference, but are there any components or columns that reference the column you are deleting? (use Find all Uses to check).

I can’t really suggest anything other than reaching out directly to Glide Support.

I did check and there is no component or column that references to that column.

I guess another thing you could try would be to make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet, remove the column, and then replace the data source in your app using the copied spreadsheet.

It could also be that your app is somehow out of sync with the Glide back end. You might try signing out of Glide, clear any Glide related cookies, and sign back in again.

But again, none of this should be necessary.

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