Columns added to google sheet not showing in Glide Table

I added 6 columns to my google source sheet, they were n my glide sheet 2 days ago - I used them in a screen/table. Now they are gone from the table.

I’ve refreshed. I’ve shut down both google sheet & the glide app. I’ve reset the data source to the sheet. I’ve cleared cache & did hard reboot. Still nothing. I’ve created copy of the sheet in google, it appears in glide but the new columns are still missing.

Sheets/tabs I’ve removed from the source are gone. But the new columns are not showing.

And I’m scheduled to demo new changes to client in the morning.

EDIT - these columns populated via choices. When I make the choices, they appear in the proper columns in the google sheet, and I can reference them in new columns (lookup, etc) in glide. But they are not visible in the table.

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Does it still happen if you duplicate the app and keep the source Sheet? You can also try duplicating the Sheet as well to see if it fixes the problem.