Glide cannot replace your Google Sheet These columns are missing:

i made a new file. and copy-past all column from original.
so, it’s a mirror of original base.

but when try to replace base - i get info that some column is missing. it’s not a true. all the same as original.

i can’t replace one base by other.
please help. (fix bag)

What happens if you proceed despite the warning?

Any updates to this? I’m encountering the same problem. I must have deleted my data store in Google Drive, but managed to export the data from Glide.

Can you try duplicating your app and then change the data source to the new sheet despite the warning?

Because the data source is now missing in Google Drive, I cannot duplicate…

Can you try going into your trash folder, find the file and restore it?

This is why it’s so bad. It’s been longer than the 30 days where Drive will auto delete the files that have been in there.

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Then your best bet is to create a new sheet from the exported data, and connect Glide to that sheet despite the pop-up warning.

I’m having the same issue and warning message. If I click remove & sync, it just removes those columns from the app, even though they are still in the spreadsheet, making the app effectively useless.

After creating a copy of the app, the issue persists.

Please submit a ticket so the team can look more into this. Thank you.


So on the Starter plan you’re just stuck with the bug and each other in the support forum? :rofl:

Well they have had that requirement for a while. If you can reproduce it in a video, the best we can try is tagging someone from the team to help.

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it was not help.
since that situation i did not try any more