Change Synced Data Sheet Name


If I change the name of my Datasheet (found in the data section of settings), will that break my app?


Nope. You should be able to change it in Glide, or in the spreadsheet itself, and either way everything will be okay.

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I remember chaning the name for a sheet, can’t remember the instance, and hit the refresh icon and my app and all its components were deleted. Don’t want that to happen again :frowning:

If you’re worried, duplicate your app first and then test it on the duplicate.
But I’m sure you’ll be fine - I’ve done it before with no problems.


Won’t it happen on the copy as well, since it’s linked to the same sheet?

When you duplicate an app, you can choose to also duplicate the sheet. If you do that, then it’s completely separated from your original app.

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