All New Data Editor & Computed Columns

@CESI I fixed Lowercase Text to behave as you would expect, and added Uppercase Text.


Excellent… this is awesome, some very useful and powerful stuff in there.

Just one issue I came across… your Pluralize Text (Pluralize Text column • Glide) doesn’t seem very intelligent. It seems to be just adding on an “s”, which is not always correct. e.g sheep, foot, mouse etc… Without that intelligence, the same can be achieved using your template feature.

Keep up the fantastic work

We’re on it. But will take some time! :laughing: If anyone does a tutorial - please tag me! If it’s good We’ll use it!


Are you specifying the plural version?


Thanks, that would be awesome

Hi guys, thanks for the update! Yep, the visual style looks way more modern and XC columns are now integrated into GDE :+1:

But what about so needed changes:

  • Hover for Column headers? I understand that in demo apps you can go with neat and short names of columns, but when you need to organize business things, names quickly go beyond short representations(especially with group columns feature).

  • Ability to insert new columns and duplicates(not only add to the end)

  • Ability to hide columns

  • Change the way duplicated column names are generated. Add something to the end of name and not "Copy of " to the beginning.

and others spotted and mentioned in this Community

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@david Thanks so much! I really appreciate how quickly you fixed this! It’s also a testament of how transformational these plugins will be to the platform!

Thank you for this!
Amazing how far we’ve come from last year.
The upgrades just keep on coming…

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Quick Q for clarification. The new option to use Excel formulae in Glide - does this also work when your app does not have a spreadsheet and just uses Glide Tables? i,.e. whether or not your app needs to be based on an Excel sheet… hopefully it’s fully independent!

The new Array handling options are incredible! Finally a way to manipulate arrays including a simple way to eliminate an entry within the array.

Goodbye Trebuchet it was fun whilst it lasted…


Yes, it does work. It has nothing to do with your actual spreadsheet. It uses coding to interpret your Excel formula.

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Sounds good, but I failed on my first attempt… why doesn’t this work?

It probably does handle all Excel formulas, but you can get Today() by creating a math column with a replacement that points to Now.


Formulas must start with =


Ok, but not quite the result I was expecting…

vs Excel:


That’s giving you a numerical representation of today, which is actually the same as what Excel does under the hood. You’d need to apply some formatting to it.

But as Jeff pointed out, you’re better off just using a Glide Math column for this use case.


I think Google and Excel store that underlying date serial number. The only difference is that they usually have the column formatting applied.

Instead I think you would have to do
`=TEXT(TODAY(), “m/d/yyyy”)

I’d still use a math column for this particular case.


Thanks for diving down that rabbit hole with me… appreciate the Glide version is of course the best route… I was just trying an Excel formula and that was the first that came to mind… all those Excel wizards must be feeling smug today! :slight_smile:


These new computed columns add a ton of value. Thank you. I can now implement my email validation using Onesimpleapi without setting up the code (very no/low code of you).
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 9.49.57 AM


Great job :trophy: