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I am new and unable to find answers regarding displaying totals from calculations input by users. I used the math demo but the totals display as written in data editor without automatically changing based on input.

I have a detail tab with instructions on how to use the calculator and a form button which takes the user to insert numbers in three locations. The calculated total is displayed with a static number as calculated in the data editor. In the editor, if I change any of the numbers the math field displays the correct results, but in the app nothing changes.

Probably need screenshots or the published link of your app to see what you are trying to do.

Thank you for replying. User input hook depth, number of hanging items, and the length of the hook. Total is the number of hooks needed.
I have the screen prints but having trouble loading them. Sorry.

I dont know if this will work but …

It looks like you are trying to use a form button to get the inputted values from the user. This will not give you a realtime calc because data needs to be written to the sheet before the math column will be able to calculate anything. In a form, nothing is written to the sheet until you click on submit.

The calculated value you are seeing is coming from the detail row of the first row you are viewing that contains the form button.

Do you intend to submit the form once they enter data, or are you only using it as popup screen for an instant calculation without any intention of saving the entered values?

There is no intention of saving the data. It is for the user to assess what they need to hang and how many hooks to solve the issue. Is this not possible in form? There are other calcs on other tabs that will do the same thing, container volume, shelf size, etc. Do I need to do lists instead of individual tabs without forms?
Thank you.

On each sheet, I would create new columns within the Glide data view and then set the ‘User Specific’ checkbox. This will use the same cell in the same row for all users, but it will store the values uniquely for each user. Then instead of a form button, simply add entry components to the same screen you have the form button, and a text component to display the calculated result.

Thank you. I will test this. Appreciate your help.

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You are brilliant. Works perfectly.

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