Displaying a computed column on my screen?

Hello! I’ll keep this short (I hope).

My background is I.T. (almost everything EXCEPT my nemesis… programming. lol)

My goal is to build apps for small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors (individual categories that are at times synonymous).

I landed here in the community trying to research an issue I THOUGHT was simple: Displaying a computed column on my screen.

Hopefully I can find the answers and get good enough to answer questions in here someday.

Hope stays well with you all and, of course…

Keep Gliding!



Welcome :slight_smile:

Glide is a great tool for this :+1:

It is. Did you find your answer?


Figured it out! Your suggestion got me there! Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

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Hey @JamieErvin! Here’s my belated welcome to Glide. :slight_smile:

What was your solution for displaying a computed column?

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Be careful what you ask for :joy:


Hello @NoCodeAndy

1 (On the left Navigation panel):
A. I added a regular container
B. I chose the Text Component “Headline”.

2 (On the Right Side):
A. Under Data > in the “Text” field, I clicked the drop down and selected the computed column.

Hope that made sense.

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Exactly what I was hoping for. :wink: Thanks @JamieErvin!

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