Glide Table computed columns not shown in app

I think this is a new update to Glide Tables, because I have been using Glide Tables for quite a while now and noticed this recently- we can change the column type in Glide Table even though our data is taken from GSheets.

This feature is useful to me and my team as we were thinking of transferring from GSheets to Glide Tables, to optimize the speed. For starters we were just trying to transfer the logic of the computed columns (i.e., just the columns which use formulas) because that was the only thing which was syncing slow. I found the HyperFormula plugin and thought it would be very useful to transfer all logic as we can just use the same formula. But it was being a tedious task as we had to make a new column to link with the HyperFormula plugin, then we had to relink all components to that computed column for the data to be displayed on the app.

I recently found out that this new feature will make us edit the same column, and we can just make it a computed column in Glide Table- no need to relink etc. But I am facing an issue, or rather a bug, where once I am making that column a computed column on Glide Table, it is vanishing in my app and the data isn’t displayed, and once I reopen the whole app, the column which I converted to a computed column before becomes the normal column linked with my GSheets. Is this a bug or such a feature doesn’t exist in Glide Tables yet? Is there any requirement which I might be missing out?

You cannot actually turn a data column into a computed column. It’s a bug that you can find these computed columns and nothing happens when you pick one.


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